Wi-FIRE: WiFi Enabled PIC32MZ Microcontroller Board

This product is retired and no longer for sale in our store.

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The Wi-FIRE is now retired and longer for sale through Digilent. Please check distributor inventory for purchasing options. 

Building on the previous successes with the WF32, the Wi-FIRE uses the same 43 available I/O pins, 12 analog inputs, 3.3 operating voltage, 4 user LEDs, potentiometer, buttons, uses MRF24 on-board wireless module, microSD Card, dedicated SPI Signals and high efficiency switching 3.3V switching power supply for low-power operation. 

Where the boards differ is in what the PIC32MZ processor can deliver. 

The Wi-FIRE is significantly faster than its WF32 counterpart, with 200 MHz operation speed, 2MB of Flash, 512kB RAM, High-Speed USB and a 50MHz SPI. The PIC32MZ core includes the MIPS M5150 CPU Core from OpenOCD

  • PIC32MZ processor
  • 2MB Flash memory
  • 512KB RAM
  • 200 MHz maximum operating speed
  • 50 MHz six 4-wire SPI, six UART modules, five I2C modules, PPS
  • 10-bit ADC module: 500 Ksps rate with one Sample and Hold (S&H) circuits, up to 40 analog inputs
  • 43 available I/O pins with on-board user interfaces
  • 3.3V operating voltage
  • 3.3V and 5V regulators
  • 12 analog inputs
  • PC connection uses a USB A to micro-B cable (not included)
  • USB 2.0 Full-Speed / Hi-Speed OTG controller with A and micro-AB connectors
  • MicroSD card connector
  • Four LEDs, two Pushbuttons, one Potentiometer
  • Fully supported by MPIDE
  • For more advanced users, MPLAB X IDE is available with a separate programmer
  • EJTAG header for external debugging
  • Microchip MRF24WG0MA WiFi module
  • DSP-enhanced core: Four 64-bit accumulators, single-cycle MAC, saturating and fractional math
  • Wi-FIRE
  • Custom Digilent cardboard box with protective foam

The Wi-FIRE can be programmed using MPIDE and with the addition of a compatible in-system programmer/debugger, can be used with the more fully featured/advanced Microchip MPLAB® X IDE.

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    The best of the best

    Posted by Paul Noreen Gonzales on 20th Jun 2021

    This board is the best in its class, Digilent has been designing the best tools and devkits since its existence in the industry, and they have been until now, I hope to see more of the Chipkit lineup in the future, it the best development solution that offers best of everything features, design, crossplatform, name it they got it. Digilent team keep up the good hard work, We appreciate what you do.