MCC WiFi Sensor Software: Temperature and Humidity Data Logging Software for WiFi-500 Sensor Series

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WiFi Sensor Software is an easy-to-use application for connecting WiFi-500 Sensor Series devices to a WiFi network. Users can configure the sample rate, WiFi transmission rate, alarms and temperature scale, and log data locally or remotely to a Cloud account. Users can plot and export data using either the PC or Cloud interface.

  • WiFi Sensor Software available as a free download
  • Set up multiple devices for PC-based or Cloud-based data storage with easy-to-use software interface
  • Software-selectable sample rate, data transmission rate, temperature units, high/low alarms, and device audit check
  • Instant email alerts of alarms, power, battery charge, and network connection events (Cloud only)
  • View and analyze logged data immediately in graph or tabular format from multiple sensors
  • Export logged data for immediate graphing in Microsoft® Excel®
  • Audible software temperature/humidity alarm feature (PC only)
  • Download data over USB when WiFi connection is not available
  • Supports Windows® 10/8/7 (32/64-bit)

Cloud-only Features:

  • Supports all operating systems and web-enabled devices – smart phones, tablets, and desktops/laptops
  • Instant email alerts of alarms, power, battery, and network connection events
  • Audit trail export to document device changes*
  • Multiple user access*
  • Individual time zones per user*
  • Graph printing*
  • Unlimited data storage*
  • Unlimited devices*

* Feature availability depends on type of Cloud account being used. Refer to Cloud Account Types and Supported Features
in the data sheet and for a comparison of Cloud accounts.

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