PYNQ Grove System Add-on Board

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The PYNQ Grove System Add-on Boards are no longer in production. Once the current stock is depleted, it will be discontinued.

The PYNQ Grove Adapter and PYNQ Grove Adapter Shield provide easy connection of Grove peripherals to your PYNQ-Z1 board. The Pynq Grove Adapter connects to a 12-pin Pmod port, and the PYNQ Grove Adapter Shield connects to the board's Arduino™ headers.

The Grove system consists of a base platform and various modules with standardized connectors. This simplifies traditional electronics by removing, the messy, time0consuming effort with breadboarding. Each Grove module addresses a range of functions such as simple LEDs, buttons, switches to complex servo control, heart rate sensors functions, etc. With the combination of PYNQ and Grove modules, the project possibilities are endless!

For more information on the Grove system, please visit SEEEDStudio. For PYNQ projects and support, visit

   PYNQ Grove System Adapter Shield  PYNQ Grove System Adapter
 Connector Layout  Ardunio Uno R3 Layout  2x6 (12-pin) Pmod
 # of Grove Connectors  16  4
  • PYNQ Grove System Adapter, or Adapter Shield (depending on selection)

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