Pmod MTDS: Multi-Touch Display System

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This product is in the process of being retired and will be sold as is until it is out of stock. To this end, software support for this product is limited to the materials provided by Digilent. There are no plans to update any existing Vivado and SDK/Vitis projects or Arduino/Digilent Core projects beyond the version they are provided in. Changes to the Xilinx toolchain between SDK and Vitis mean that the software libraries do not work as-is in Vitis and may require significant refactoring in order to get them to compile.

The Digilent Pmod MTDS is a gorgeous 2.8" touchscreen display with a powerful on-board microcontroller that performs graphics processing tasks. The display is a capacitive touchscreen with QVGA resolution (320×240) and 2 finger multi-touch support.

The most compelling aspect of the Pmod MTDS is the programming experience provided by its Multi-Touch Display System (MTDS) Firmware and the associated libraries. These allow you to design sleek, stylish user interfaces very quickly and with very little code. The timing dependent tasks are handled by the firmware, so integrating the display into existing projects is also a snap. Some of the key functionality provided by the libraries include the ability to draw basic shapes and text, draw images stored on microSD with binary transparency, draw buttons and easily check if they have been pressed, and check the status and location of the user's two fingers. The libraries are supported in Arduino IDE and Xilinx SDK, and have been tested with AVR based Ardiuno, chipKIT, and Arty host boards.

  • 2.8“ Display with QVGA resolution (320×240)
  • 2 Finger Capacitive touch panel
  • Powerful PIC32MZ Microcontroller
  • Multi-Touch Display System (MTDS) Firmware
  • Design a beautiful UI with only a few lines of code using libraries for Arduino IDE and Xilinx SDK
  • Easily draw images with binary transparency from files stored on microSD
  • Drop stylish buttons and check their status at will using intuitive function calls
  • For use with Arduino, chipKIT, and Arty platforms
  • 12-pin Pmod port with SPI interface
  • Follows Digilent Pmod Interface Specification Type 2A
  • Pmod MTDS
  • Digilent cardboard packaging with protective foam

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All product support including documentation, projects, and the Digilent Forum can be accessed through the product resource center.

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Multi-Touch Display System (MTDS) Firmware

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    Posted by Digilent Customer on 19th Dec 2018

    On opening the box, you see a very nice compact display. From the data sheet, you think it will be perfect for your application. So, now, you go about the task of programming it and the problem begins. First, if using Arty, you find programming a FPGA is 10 times harder than a typical MPU. So, you look for code examples online. None exist except for one that uses Vivado and MIcroBlaze. Well, good luck with those cute little boxes with wires running everywhere. I have never gotten a single program I have written to compile. When it fails, you have no clue as to why it failed. You may spend hours looking at code that appears to be good. After days of beating my head against the wall, trying to make the display work, I decide where to put it. Exactly... in the junk drawer

  • 5
    5 Stars

    Posted by Digilent Customer on 7th Sep 2018