Nexys Video Pmod Pack

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The Nexys Video Pmod Pack was designed to complement features of the Nexys Video, allowing users to expand project possibilities by utilizing a variety of peripheral modules! The Nexys Video Pmod Pack includes the Pmod JSTK2, Pmod KYPD, Pmod MAXSONAR, Pmod TPH2, and the Pmod WiFi. 

Looking to get started with the Nexys Video Pmod Pack? Check out our easy to use Pmod IP guide.

  • Pmod JSTK2: Two-axis Joystick
  • Pmod KYPD: 16-button Keypad
  • Pmod MAXSONAR: Maxbotix Ultrasonic Range Finder
  • Pmod TPH2: 12-pin Test Point Header
  • Pmod WiFi: WiFi Interface 802.11g
  • Pmod JSTK2
  • Pmod KYPD
  • Pmod TPH2
  • Pmod WiFi