zUNO Clips

Welcome to the resource center for zUNO Clips!

Here you will find all the .STL file for the zUNO Clips, intended for 3D printers.

Need to keep your microcontroller board from going anywhere? The zUNO Clips make it a cinch to secure your board right where you want it!

These clips are made from rugged injection-molded polycarbonate and have been designed to accommodate any board measuring 2.1“ wide. This includes the Uno32™, Max32™, uC32™, & WF32™, and the Arduino™ Uno & Due boards.

With three mounting holes spaced ½” on center, it's easy to fasten the clips to your project with screws & nuts or whatever you choose. Then just clip in your board and go! zUNO Clips have been used in various projects ranging from robotic platforms, mounting on belts and other clothing, and holding things in place while breadboarding.


  • .STL file for zUNO Clips, intended for 3D printers.zip file