How to Recover an OpenScope MZ with Corrupt Firmware

It is unlikely, but possible for the OpenScope MZ firmware update process to fail and leave the device with corrupted firmware. If this happens the device can be recovered and the firmware update by completing the following steps:

  1. Connect the OpenScope MZ via USB to a computer with the Digilent Agent installed.
  2. Hold the Program Button (BTNP, by the Wifi radio) on the OpenScope MZ.
  3. Press and release the Reset Button on the OpenScope MZ.
  4. Release the Program Button. The red LED1 should blink quickly. The device is now in bootloader mode.
  5. Launch WaveForms Live.
  6. In WaveForms Live, add or configure the Digilent Agent and select the COM port associated with the OpenScope MZ.
  7. Click Load Firmware.
  8. Under Device choose OpenScope MZ. The latest firmware build is listed.
  9. Click Flash Selected Firmware.
  10. Follow the in app instructions to complete the firmware update.
  11. Test the new firmware by connecting to the device and checking the firmware version in the configuration menu.