OpenLogger Screw Terminal Adapter

The OpenLogger Screw Terminal Adapter is intended to be used with the Digilent OpenLogger to provide external connections to the OpenLogger via screw terminal adapters for more readily accessible inputs. The Screw Terminal Adapter connects directly on top of the OpenLogger to maintain a small form factor.


  • Standard Screw Terminal Adapters for easy connectivity
  • Designed to fit directly on top of the OpenLogger

Physical Dimensions

The long side of the Screw Terminal Adapter for the Openlogger is 2.838 inches (72.1 mm) and the short side of the PCB is 2.2835 inches (58 mm) in length.

Functional Description

The OpenLogger Screw Terminal Adapter provides screw terminals for each analog input and each digital pin, with an analog ground pin to pair with each analog input. A screw terminal pair for the 5V power supply from the OpenLogger is available in the center of the board as well as additional headers for access to a few of the OpenLogger specific pins.

Pinout Diagram

Primary connector West Screw Terminals North Screw Terminals
1 GPIO3 2 GPIO7 DC2 DC Output 2 DIO0 GPIO 0
3 GPIO2 4 GPIO6 GND Digital Ground DIO1 GPIO 1
5 GPIO1 6 GPIO5 DC1 DC Output 1 DIO2 GPIO 2
7 GPIO0 8 GPIO4 WGEN Waveform Generator DIO3 GPIO 3
9 DC 2 10 GND AI8+ Analog Input 8 DIO4 GPIO 4
11 DC 1 12 GND AGND Analog Ground DIO5 GPIO 5
13 Wavegen 14 GND AI7+ Analog Input 7 DIO6 GPIO 6
15 Reserved 16 Reserved AI6+ Analog Input 6 DIO7 GPIO 7
17 Reset 18 PROG South Screw Terminals Center Screw Terminals
19 +5V 20 GND AGND Analog Ground 5V 5V Output
21 AI8+ 22 AGND8 AI5+ Analog Input 5 GND Digital Ground
23 AI7+ 24 AGND7 AI4+ Analog Input 4 Center Pin Headers
25 AI6+ 26 AGND6 AGND Analog Ground TRG OUT Trigger Output (unused)
27 AI5+ 28 AGND5 AI3+ Analog Input 3 TRG IN Trigger Input (unused)
29* AI4+ 30 AGND4 AI2+ Analog Input 2 PROG BTN Program Button
31* AI3+ 32 AGND3 AGND Analog Ground RESET BTN Reset Button
33 AI2+ 34 AGND2 AI1+ Analog Input 1 GND Digital Ground
35 AI1+ 36 AGND1

*Note – pin 29 is mislabeled as pin 31 on the silkscreen in Rev A of the Screw Terminal Adapter