Note: Variable Digital Supplies (Internal)

On some devices, the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450) and Digital Discovery, several additional configuration options for the digital I/O are included in the Supplies instrument.

As seen in the screenshot to the right, the supply voltage (and digital output voltage) can be changed with the first of two sliders. The threshold voltage of the digital inputs is also changed with this slider, as can be seen in the second of the two sliders. This feature allows the user to change the I/O standard used for the digital I/Os. It should be noted that the supply voltage and threshold are shared by all digital I/Os.

Additionally, the default pull of each signal can be assigned on a per-channel basis. When pull-ups or pull-downs are enabled an undriven pin will be pulled up to the supply voltage or down to ground, respectively.

Note: This screenshot was taken with an ADP3450 connected. There are some minor differences with the user interface for the Digital Discovery.

For more information, check out Using the Power Supplies.