Using a Discovery Power Supply with other Digilent Equipment


This guide explains the use of the Discovery Power Supply with other Digilent equipment, like the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450) inside of WaveForms. The Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450) has a Power Supplies instrument already, but by adding the Discovery Power Supply you get three additional supplies and a 5V supply with higher current output. Adding a Discovery Power Supply to your setup expands your capabilities as you are designing circuits.

Working with Multiple Instruments

Launching WaveForms

With both devices hooked up to your PC via the included USB cables and turned on, launch WaveForms. At the Device Manager screen, you will see the list of Demo devices and the two devices that are plugged in. In this case, you see both the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450) and the Discovery Power Supply listed. Highlight the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450) first and click on the Select + button on the dialog box.

Now you can select the additional device to add to WaveForms.

WaveForms launches with the screen you are used to seeing. But you will noticed there is a new icon in the list. There is a Supplies Instrument, but that controls the power supply on the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450). The Discovery Power Supply can be controlled by clicking on the Discovery Supplies icon.

Taking Measurements

Working with Multiple Devices

The first step is building up a test circuit. Here we have a bunch of LEDs, a bar graph, a load resistor, and a capacitor we can charge with the press of a button, all on the Breadboard Canvas for Analog Discovery Studio.

You'll notice in WaveForms that there is a Supplies instrument and a Discovery Supplies instrument. Be careful as you are working with your setup. When you are in the Supplies instrument you are controlling the triple out supply on the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450) in this setup. When you are in the Discovery Supplies instrument you are controlling the triple output supply on the Discovery Power Supply.

You can control things like the WaveForms Wavegen and Scope instruments on the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450). On another note, make sure you make the power supply grounds common in your circuit. You will notice errors in scope measurements if the grounds are not common.


You can find additional information about the Discovery Power Supply (DPS3340) and the Analog Discovery Pro ADP3250/ADP3450