Electronics Explorer Board - Reference Manual


The Electronics Explorer Board is retired and no longer for sale in our store.

The Electronics Explorer is an all-in-one package for designing and testing analog and digital circuits. It is built around a large, solderless breadboard to allow for quick and simple prototyping. Operation of the EE Board is easily managed with Digilent's WaveForms software.


  • 4-channel, 40MS/s, 100MHz, Oscilloscope
  • 2-channel , 40MS/s, 20MHz, Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • 2 Channel, ± 9V, 1.5 A, Variable Power Supply
  • 1 Channel, 3.3/5V, 2A, Fixed Power Supply
  • 4-channel voltmeter
  • 2 programmable reference voltages
  • Can connect all instruments to circuits built on the solderless breadboard using simple jumper wires
  • 32 digital signals that can be configured as:
    • 32-channel logic analyzer
    • 32-channel pattern generator
    • Discrete digital I/Os (buttons, switches, LEDs, etc.)

Functional Description

When operated with WaveForms, the Electronics Explorer Board is an entire circuit laboratory all in its own. For analog projects, the EE Board can be used as an oscilloscope and waveform generator. It also functions as a voltmeter that has additional access to user-programmable reference voltages. For digital projects, the EE Board can be used as a logic analyzer and digital pattern generator. It offers a variety of options for virtual digital I/O devices as well. Lastly, it includes various user-programmable power supplies.


Communication with the EE Board utilizes a USB connection and interfacing is quite simple. A micro-USB cable is used to connect the board to a computer. The EE Board also has a barrel-jack adapter for 12V of external power. With the USB cable and external power supply connected, turning the board switch to “ON” prepares it for communication with WaveForms. All programming and interfacing is done within the WaveForms software. The Quick Start Guide discuess this process further.

Physical Dimensions

The full assembly is 7.75“W x 6.25”L x 1.00“H. On the surface are two full-size 630-hole breadboards with three 100-hole power rails. There are also seven mini 24-hole breadboards that are wired specifically for the various functions offered by the EE Board. The board is mounted on four 1” lug nuts. These serve to elevate the board as well as hold the protective casing that covers the circuitry on the under-side of the board.


Connectors and Breadboards

Analog Scope Channels 1 and 2

Analog Scope Channels 3 and 4

Analog to Digital Converters

Digital to Analog Converters

Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Output Stage

Voltage References for User

Digital Inputs/Outputs

Regulators - Positive Internal Supplies

Regulators - Negative Internal Supplies

Regulators - Internal Supplies

Positive Programmable Power Supply

Negative Programmable Power Supply

Microcontroller Voltmeter