BNC Adapter

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BNC Adapter
BNC Probe Adapter
  • Allows the use of standard BNC-terminated test leads & probes on your Analog Discovery
  • Selectable AC and DC coupling to oscilloscope probes
  • Selectable 50-ohm or 0-ohm output impedance on arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) channels
  • Differential scope inputs of the Analog Discovery become single-ended with the negative input connected to the ground.
2.36 in (6.0 cm)
2.36 in (6.0 cm)
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Mechanical Drawing

The Discovery BNC adapter board is intended to be used with Digilent's Analog Discovery tool to enable the use of standard BNC terminated test leads and probes. The adapter board enables the user to AC couple or DC couple single-ended signals to the oscilloscope in the Analog Discovery 3 or Analog Discovery 2.