Analog Discovery Canvas

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Analog Discovery Canvas
  • Solderable prototyping surface wired as two regular-sized breadboards and three power rails
  • Two solderless breadboards
  • Direct access to all Analog Discovery and Analog Discovery Studio connections
  • LED Indicators for power supply status
  • 4 power supply switches
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The Analog Discovery Canvas is a replaceable and removable prototyping surface for the Analog Discovery Studio that can also be connected to the Analog Discovery to easily switch designs between devices without having to rewire or reassemble the design. The Analog Discovery Canvas provides 2 full solderless breadboards, a 2×15 header for connecting to an Analog Discovery, a 2×10 header for connecting to an Analog Discovery Studio, 4 solderless breadboards with access pins to inputs and outputs, 5 LEDs for power supply indication, 4 power switches, and 2 pin headers for 1+, 2+, W1, and W2 signals.

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