Encrypting the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450/ADP3250)


Authentication can be added for Standard mode and Linux mode Ethernet connectivity on ADP3450/ADP3250 devices.


  • Analog Discovery Pro ADP3450 or Analog Discovery Pro ADP3250
  • A computer with WaveForms installed, version 3.16.35 or later
  • USB cable
  • Ethernet cable or a USB WiFi Dongle (see the Specifications for a list of compatible dongles)

Setting Up Authentication

Authentication for Ethernet connectivity can be enabled on an ADP3450/ADP3250 Test and Measurement Device by clicking on the Users button while connected through the device over USB.

Click Users Button with a USB connection

The first time authentication is enabled on the device and the Enable authentication button is checked, a prompt will appear reminding you that there are currently no user accounts set up with the device. Click Yes to continue.

Enable Authentication

Click the Add button to add a user. Closing this window now will leave the ADP3450/ADP3250 with authentication enabled, but no profile for any user connecting over Ethernet to successfully log in with, though connecting to the device directly via USB will freely allow editing of the users list.

Add User

By default, the first user added will have a recommended user name of admin and have both checkboxes of the profile being enabled for authentication and as an Administrator account be checked by default. Choose a secure but memorable password as desired.

Additional user accounts can be added or removed as desired. Be aware that if you remove all Admin enabled accounts, you will be locked out of creating additional users until you connect to the device over USB. Non-admin accounts can still access the device, but will not be able to create new accounts.

Default first user

An authentication enabled device will appear with a lock next to Ethernet connection option. While in Linux mode, you will also be able to enjoy an encrypted connection to the device over Ethernet which Standard mode does not offer.

Encrypted connection in Linux mode

Checking the Remember user and password checkbox will automatically prefill the login information upon connecting to the authentication enabled device and persists through restarts and version updates of the WaveForms software. Different remembered profiles can be selected in the dropdown tab of the Name login.

Remembered login

Login information that was remembered by the appropriate checkbox can be removed from memory by clicking the See Local Passwords. The individual usernames can then be either removed individually or the entire remembered list can be cleared. This does not delete the user authentication accounts, only prevents them from appearing as a pre-filled dropdown option when logging into the authentication enabled device.

Remove local passwords

Other Resources

For an example of using the networking capabilities of the Analog Discovery Pro, check out Sending Data to ThingSpeak.com with Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450/ADP3250) in Linux Mode.

Check out the Analog Discovery Pro (ADP3450/ADP3250) Resource Center for more guides on using your device.

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