Test Academic Links Resource Center

In 2014, we changed the Atlys family to be part of our industry-focused Nexys line for Video application focus.

Welcome to the resource center for the Nexys Video!

Here you will find all the reference materials that Digilent has created for this board, as well as links to any external content we have tracked down. If you are interested in purchasing the Nexys Video, visit the product page on our main website: Nexys Video


  • SchematicPDF
    • PDF Schematic of the PCB generated by Altium
  • Reference ManualWiki PDF
    • Technical description of the Nexys Video and all of its features. The Wiki page may contain more up-to-date information and fewer typos than the PDF.
  • Datasheet LocatorWiki
    • A collection of external links to datasheets for the devices found on the Nexys Video
  • Academic ResourcesWiki
    • A list of resources for users interested in learning with the board.

Design Resources

  • Master XDCnexysvideo_master.zip
    • This package contains the master XDC that defines the pin constraints for every device on the Nexys Video in Vivado.
  • Vivado Board FilesWiki
    • Installing the 7 Series Vivado Board Files allows you to create Vivado projects that directly target the Nexys4-Video hardware


  • Nexys Video Programming GuideWiki
    • This guide walks through the different methods available for programming the FPGA on the Nexys Video
  • Getting Started with MicroblazeWiki
    • Follow this introduction on how to get started with Microblaze using Vivado IP Integrator.
  • Getting Started with Microblaze ServersWiki
    • Follow this tutorial on how to get an echo server running with Microblaze using Vivado IP generator.

Reference Projects

  • Basic User DemoWiki
    • Basic demo that uses the onboard UART, OLED display, and GPIO devices.
  • Nexys Video User DemoWiki
    • The demo that is loaded in the QSPI flash at the factory. This complex design uses nearly every peripheral device on the Nexys Video.
  • XADC DemoWiki
    • Basic demo that shows a simple implementation with the Artix-7 XADC
  • VGA Test Pattern with Mouse OverlayWiki
    • This project generates a test pattern on the VGA port and also displays a pointer that can be controlled with a mouse attached to the USB-HID port
  • Looper DemoWiki
    • This project uses the audio codec to make the Nexys Video a music looper
  • DMA Audio DemoWiki
    • This project uses the audio codec to record and play audio using Direct Memory Access
  • HDMI DemoWiki
    • This project uses the two HDMI connectors to output video to an HDMI output