• Analog Discovery 3 and NI VirtualBench support
  • Dual device control from WaveForms application
  • Windows 11 ARM64 support
  • device options menu in the status bar; stop/abortscript, close/killapp application arguments
  • customizable application script-shortcuts; Logic edge option
  • Scope:
    • XY View: fade, fixed aspect ratio and composition options
    • Measurements: Low/HighThr, low and high thresholds used by other measurements, default 10/90%
    • Ctrl+# channel select shortcut; force trigger
  • Serial Wire Debug protocol for Logic, Protocol and SDK
  • Protocol/SDK:
    • SPI: master functions with hardware controlled select signal and timing options
    • I2C and SPI support for ADP5250
    • UART: TX progress to be able to cancel long sending
  • Logic:
    • toolbar and Record to file, force trigger, delay option for Sync mode
    • CAN FD arbitrary FDR, Sampling point
  • Network: custom amplitude for constant frequency, adding Step and Steps variables
  • Script: access to Scope.Measurements.value,count,minimum,maximum,median,mean
  • SDK: FDwfDigitalSwd*, FDwfDigitalSpiSelectSet/DelaySet/Cmd*, FDwfDigitalIODrive/Pull functions
  • ADP3X50, EclypseZ7:
    • Scope and Logic uses DDR Ram capture buffer of 256Mi/128Mi samples
    • in device FIR/IIR filter, Scope capture of Wavegen output and modulations
    • raw or filtered Scope input routing to Wavegen signal or modulation
  • Digital Discovery: hardware timer, force trigger, dynamic software buffer allocation
  • ADP3X50: reference clock phase
  • DMM: beep below/above and threshold options; non blocking measurement


  • AD2: improving Scope record streaming
  • Tracer: labels on top channel instead of first/Trace

Many other fixes and improvements