How to Convert a dlog File to CSV

To convert dlog files to a CSV file format, you can use dlog-utils:

Select the download that matches your platform, or follow the GitHub link for instructions on how to build and install dlog-utils.

Retrieve Logs from Device

Logs must be retrieved from the device before converting. There are two ways to retreive logs depending on their size:

For Files Less than 10MB in Size

These may be downloaded through the WaveForms Live interface. From the logger page of the Instrument Panel, click the To File Explorer button to the right of the chart. Expand the Sd0 menu then click on the file to download and then Download. Click Continue in the popup to begin the download.

For Larger Files

These files need to be retrieved manually by connecting the SD card to your computer and moving the file(s) over.

Concatenate Log Files

If the log is split across multiple files, the files must first be concatenated into one file before conversion. To concatenate, CD to where the files are stored, then run:


Get-Content .\<log-name>?.dlog | Out-File .\<combined-log-name>.dlog


cat ./<log-name>*.dlog > <combined-log-name>.dlog

Convert Logs

To convert logs, first CD to where dlog-utils is located, then run:


dlog-utils.exe <log-name>.dlog <csv-name>


dlog-utils.out <log-name>.dlog <csv-name>