Digilent Agent Reference Manual

The Digilent Agent is a service that runs in the system tray on Windows, Mac and Linux and enables browser based applications to communicate with Digilent hardware.


The Digilent Agent is an open source project developed using Qt. All source code is available on GitHub. The agent hosts an HTTP server for communication with browser based GUIs (specifically WaveForms Live). The controlling application sends Digilent Agent Protocol commands to the Agent using HTTP POSTs to the /config endpoint with one or more JSON commands in the POST body.


The Digilent Agent requires access to COM ports to communicate with device like the OpenScope MZ. Therefore the user account that launches the Agent must have permission to access COM ports.

  • Windows - No changes typically required.
  • Mac - No changes typically required.
  • Linux - User may need to be added to dialout group.
    usermod -a -G dialout <USERNAME>