Install the Digilent Agent on Windows

  1. If currently running in the system tray, right click on the Digilent Agent and exit out of it.

  2. Download the latest version of the Digilent Agent from the Digilent Agent landing page.

  3. Launch the installer.

  4. Click Next to begin the installation process.

  5. Review the default installation path and click Next.

  6. Review the components to install and click Next.

  7. Review the license agreement, select I accept the license then and click Next to continue.

  8. Review the default start menu shortcut location and click Next.

  9. Review the disk space requirements and click Install.

  10. Wait while the Digilent Agent is installed.

  11. Make sure the Run Digilent Agent Now box is checked and click Finish.

  12. You may be prompted to allow the Digilent Agent to access the network. If so click Allow Access.

  13. The Digilent Agent is now available in the system tray and will start each time the computer boots.