JTAG SMT1 Resource Center


The JTAG-SMT1 is retired and no longer for sale in our store. Please see the replacement JTAG-SMT2.

Welcome to the resource center for the JTAG SMT1!

Here you will find all the reference materials that Digilent has created for the JTAG SMT1, as well as links to any external content we have tracked down.

The JTAG SMT1 is a compact, complete and fully self-contained surface-mount programming module for Xilinx® FPGAs. It can be accessed directly from all Xilinx tools, including iMPACT™, ChipScope™, and EDK. The module can be loaded directly onto a target board and reflowed like any other component.

The JTAG SMT1 uses a 3.3V main power supply and a separate Vref supply to drive the JTAG signals. All JTAG signals use high speed, 24mA, three-state buffers that allow signal voltages from 1.8V to 5V and bus speeds of up to 30MBit/sec. JTAG signals are actively driven only during a programming event and are otherwise held in high-impedance, so the JTAG bus can be shared with other devices.

The SMT1 module is CE certified and fully compliant with the RoHS and REACH directives. It uses a standard Type-A to Micro-USB cable, also available from Digilent.

Note for use with Adept: The JTAG-SMT1 requires Adept System 2.8.1 or newer for use in Windows, and Adept Runtime 2.8.2 or newer for use in Linux.

NOTE: This cable is not needed for Digilent FPGA boards as our boards are designed with this functionality natively.


  • Schematic – Schematic not currently available, please see the reference manual for product detail
  • Reference ManualWiki PDF
    • Technical description of the JTAG SMT1 and all of its features. The Wiki may contain more up-to-date information than the PDF.
  • Sell SheetPDF