Intro to FPGA and the Arty Z7 Featuring Adam Taylor

This video series was created by Adam Taylor and introduces many fundamental concepts of FPGA design, proceeding up the tech stack from the fundamental bare-bones hardware elements included in Xilinx FPGAs, up through Zynq and Ultrascale architectures including processors, and some of the varied operating systems and software applications that can be run on these parts.

Along with each video, you will find several files here, including the slides from the video, along with a practical lab using an Arty Z7-20 demonstrating some of the concepts presented in the video.

For more information on the Arty Z7, check out its resource center here on Reference, which contains all of the materials Digilent has created for this board, including support files, reference manual, tutorials, and example projects: Arty Z7 Resource Center

Part 1: Introduction to FPGA

Part 2: Processing in Xilinx Devices

Part 3: Petalinux and OpenCL

Part 4: Session 4