PmodRF1 Resource Center


The PmodRF1 is retired and no longer for sale in our store.

Welcome to the resource center for the PmodRF1!

Here you will find all the reference materials that Digilent has created for this board, as well as links to any external content we have tracked down. Since this product is retired, documentation and support may be limited.


  • SchematicPDF
  • Reference ManualPDF
    • Technical description for the PmodRF1 and all of its features.
  • Sell SheetPDF

Demonstration Projects

  • This demo shows how to utilize two PmodRF1 Tranceivers to communicate data. The project is divided into two components, each controlled by a Cerebot Nano microcontroller board which receives temperature data from a PmodTMP thermometer – zip file
  • Weather station tutorial – PDF