Pmod CON4 Reference Manual

The Digilent Pmod CON4 (Revision B) allows users to act as a transceiver with two RCA audio jacks.

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  • 2 RCA audio jacks
  • Receive and transmit audio signals
  • Jumper blocks to easily adjust signal routing
  • 6-pin Pmod connector with GPIO interface

Functional Description

The Pmod CON4 is able to route any GPIO based audio signal from one of its four input pins (pins 1 through 4 on the 1×6 pin header) to either one of the RCA audio jacks via the jumper block present on each of the inputs.

Interfacing with the Pmod

The Pmod CON4 is able to both receive and transmit audio (or other) signals to one of the two RCA jacks. However, only one input/output pin can be attached to an RCA audio jack at a time. If two or more are tied to the same jack, there is a chance that one output will be at a high voltage and the other output at a low voltage, effectively shorting those two pins and potentially damaging the system board.

Table 1: Pin Descriptions as labeled on the Pmod
Header J1 Jumper Headers
Pin Number Description Jumper Settings Description
1 Input P1 J2 The J2 RCA jack will receive this input
2 Input P2 J3 The J3 RCA jack will receive this input
3 Input P3
4 Input P4
5 Ground
6 Not Connected

Since RCA jacks typically send or receive analog voltage signals, users can easily connect the Pmod CON4 to either an ADC or DAC module such as the PmodAD5 or the PmodDA4.

Physical Dimensions

The pins on the pin header are spaced 100 mil apart. The PCB is 1.10 inches long on the sides parallel to the pins on the pin header and 0.8 inches long on the sides perpendicular to the pin header.

Additional Information

The schematics of the Pmod CON4 are available here.

Example code demonstrating how to get information from the Pmod CON4 can be found here.

If you have any questions or comments about the Pmod CON4, feel free to post them under the appropriate section (“Add-on Boards”) of the Digilent Forum.