High Current Adapter for NI myRIO


The High Current Adapter for NI myRIO allows you drive high power low speed currents using relays and open drain N-FET otputs trough MXP connector on your myRIO. The switched signals are connected with screw terminals. For open drains a power supply is needed.

Key Features:

  • Supports 3V…16V power voltage(external power supply required)
  • 4 Open drain outputs
    • Continuous current:3.0A(25°C)/2.2A(85°C)
    • Peak output current:4.1A(t<5s)
  • 4 Standard 3 terminal relay outputs
    • Common, Normally Closed, Normally Open
    • Relay output max switching voltage:30V
    • Rated current:1A
  • 34-pin female breakout allowing direct access to signal pins
  • Uses the myRIO Expansion Port(MXP) connector

Connector Pin-outs

Relay connectors :

Signal Description
NOx Normal Open
NCx Normal Close
COMx Common terminal

Open Drains :

Signal Description
ODx- Open Drain negative terminal
ODx+ , PWR+ Supply voltage (internally connected)
PWR- Ground

Using the Adapter with myRIO

*Relays* are single side stable Normal Connected between NC and COM terminals. A logic “high” will energize the coil and the COM will be shorted to NO.

*Open Drains* connectors are meant to be used with two polarized pins/channel. The OD+ is connected to PWR positive power terminal. The OD- is equipped with transient suppression diodes to the PWR. Connect open drains power supply(+PWR-) respecting the polarity. PWR should not exceed 16VDC.

Note:If you need different supplies for different channels, assure suppression diodes to your supply voltages, especially when use inductive loads.