Nexys 4 DDR Migration Guide

In late 2018, the Nexys A7 was release as the new branded version of the Nexys 4 DDR (Rev A through C), starting with Revision D. No changes to the .xdc files, board files, or existing Nexys 4 DDR materials are needed to make this transition. Regardless, all of the latest materials, including demo projects re-built for newer versions of Vivado, are freely available on the Nexys A7 Resource Center.

As of Feb 2015- the cellular RAM used on the Nexys 2 , Nexys 3 and the Nexys 4 was EOL. EOL Announcement

To help with this, we have created a Migration Guide to assist you to change your course over to instead use the DDR memory present on the Nexys 4 DDR.

Select the Nexys model you are migrating from

Nexys 2

Nexys 3

Nexys 4