Nexys Resource Center


The Nexys is retired and no longer for sale in our store.

  • Xilinx XC3S400 FPGA with 500+MHz operation (400K gates)
  • USB2 port for FPGA configuration and data transfers (software available as free downloads)
  • USB-powered (batteries and/or wall plug can also be used)
  • 16MB of fast Micron PSDRAM and 4MB of Intel StrataFlash Flash ROM
  • Xilinx Platform Flash ROM that stores FPGA configurations indefinitely
  • High efficiency Linear Technology switching power supplies (good for battery powered applications)
  • 50MHz oscillator
  • Connector for 1/8 VGA hi-res graphics LCD panel or 16×2 character LCD display
  • 60 FPGA I/O's routed to expansion connectors (one high-speed Hirose FX2 connector and four 6-pin headers)
  • 8 LEDs, 4-digit seven-segment display, 4 pushbuttons, 8 slide switches

The Nexys provides a reliable “all-in-one” circuit development platform for engineers at all levels. It can be used to implement designs ranging from simple logic circuits to complex digital systems, without needing any other components. All signals are ESD and short-circuit protected, ensuring a long operating life in any environment.

The Nexys features a 40K-gate Spartan 3 FPGA with hardware multipliers and high-speed dual-port memory arrays. Its large external memory arrays (4MB ROM/16MB RAM), collection of useful I/O devices, and numerous ports make the Nexys the perfect platform for working with embedded cores like Xilinx's Microblaze.

The Nexys is fully compatible with all versions of the Xilinx ISE tools, including the free WebPack. The Nexys is powered via the USB port and it ships with the appropriate USB cable, so designs can be implemented immediately with no hidden costs. Now every student can own a state of the art development system for less than the cost of a textbook.


  • SchematicPDF
    • PDF Schematic of the PCB generated by Altium
  • Reference ManualPDF
    • Technical description of the Nexys and all of its features.
  • Sell Sheet – Sell sheet currently unavailable, please see the reference manual for product detail.

Demonstration projects

  • Nexys BISTZIP

Reference Designs

  • Nexys Simple Reference DesignZIP
  • Nexys2 Board Support files for use with Xilinx EDK. Supports EDK 13 and up.ZIP
  • Active Power Meter reference designZIP
  • BRAM Configuration reference designZIP
  • PS2 Mouse Control reference componentZIP
  • PS2 Mouse Displayer reference componentZIP
  • Onboard Memory controller reference designZIP
  • Pulse-width modulation reference componentZIP
  • VGA controller reference designZIP
  • Adept I/O expansion reference designZIP
  • EDK project that demonstrates how to connect the BSB shared buses through I/O multiplexers, allowing access to both RAM and FLASH memories on the Nexys2-500. Made using EDK 11.ZIP