Installing the Digilent Core for Arduino

This guide will provide a step by step walk-through of installing the Digilent Core on Arduino (Windows/Mac/Linux). This will install the board files, compilers, and programmers necessary to program Digilent PIC32 boards using Arduino.



  • Arduino 1.6.9
  • Note: If you have version 1.0.1 or earlier installed, you will need to first delete the “” located at:
    • Windows - %LocalAppData%\Arduino15\staging\packages
    • Mac - /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Arduino15/staging/packages



1. Adding the board manager URL

1.1) Open Arduino and click File»Preferences.

Copy and paste the following URL into the “Additional Boards Manager URLs” box.

Click OK when finished.

1.2) Click Tools>Board>Boards Manager… to open the Arduino boards manager.

1.3) Scroll to the bottom and click the Install button for the Digilent Core to install it.

1.4) Once it has finished installing, the Digilent boards can be selected in the Tools>Board menu.