OpenLogger - Firmware Update

Required Update - First-Time Connection

Upon establishing a connection to the OpenLogger for the first time, WaveForms Live will check the device's firmware to see if needs to be updated. The firmware must be updated from the factory default before the OpenLogger can be used.

Note: After the first required update, described in this guide, an OpenLogger's firmware can be checked and updated through its Configuration Menu, found through the Device Manager in WaveForms Live.


Click Update Firmware and follow the instructions to update the firmware on the OpenLogger.


Review the Current Firmware Version on the device and the Latest Firmware Version available.


Select the latest Available Firmware Version.


At the bottom right corner of the screen, click Update to load the new firmware onto the device. The firmware update will take about 10 seconds to complete.


With the update complete, click Done.

More Information

Check out the OpenLogger's Resource Center for more guides, tutorials, and projects.