OpenLogger - Cloud Logging

Cloud Logging adds the ability to log data to the MathWorks ThingSpeak cloud in addition to logging to the SD card and the Chart.

This guide describes how to get cloud logging working for the OpenLogger using MathWorks ThingSpeak service.

Configure ThingSpeak

Visit ThingSpeak, and Sign In to an existing account, or Sign Up. At the Channels Dashboard click the “New Channel” button.

For each OpenLogger channel that will be logged, enable the corresponding Field and give it a descriptive, relevant name. The channel may optionally be given a name, a description, metadata, tags and other information.

Once the channel has been configured, click the “Save” button. The channel will have been created and a new page will have opened. For now, make note of the Channel ID at the top of the page, visit the “API Keys” tab and note the Write API Key. These will be used to configure the OpenLogger to communicate with the ThingSpeak service.

Configure OpenLogger

On, click on the connected OpenLogger to connect to the device and navigate to the Instrument Panel. In the control panel to the right, select 'Cloud' in the Log To drop-down. The UI will update with inputs for the API Key and Channel ID parameters, so input them now. Configure the OpenLogger log parameters as normal. When the OpenLogger has been configured, click the Log button.

Back in the ThingSpeak channel page, observe the field charts update with realtime data.