OpenLogger - Calibration

First-Time Calibration

Before being used for the first time, a new OpenLogger must first be calibrated. This process determines constants used to accurately calculate analog voltages for data points being logged, and stores these constants in non-volatile memory.

Note: After first-time calibration, described in this guide, a device can be recalibrated, if desired, through its Configuration Menu, found through the Device Manager in WaveForms Live.


When the device is connected to WaveForms Live for the first time, a prompt to calibrate the OpenLogger will appear. Click OK.

Calibrate your device


Connect the provided 2×18 flywires to the OpenLogger with the nub side facing towards the center of the OpenLogger.


Connect the red wire on pin 6 (DC OUTPUT 1) to the solid orange wire on pin 35 (Analog Input 1). Take a look at the OpenLogger Pinout in the Reference Manual for details on which wire corresponds to which OpenLogger pin.

Connect the red and orange wires


In WaveForms Live, click the Begin button to begin calibrating Analog Input 1.

Begin the calibration process


Wait for the calibration initialization to complete.

Calibration progress bar


Connect the solid blue pin 33 (Analog Input 2 to the same red wire previously used and click the Next button.


After calibrating Analog Input 2, continue through the remaining 6 analog inputs (the pink, green, gray, purple, yellow, and brown wires) until calibration is complete. Once all analog inputs have been calibrated, click the DONE button.

Start step 2


A final calibration complete screen will appear. Click the DONE button - see the image to the right.


Click the DONE button at the bottom of the page to back out to the configuration screen.


In the device configuration screen, click the back arrow at the top left of the page to return to the device selection screen.

Calibration complete

More Information

Check out the OpenLogger's Resource Center for more guides, tutorials, and projects.