JTAG-USB Full Speed Resource Center


The JTAG-USB Full Speed is retired and no longer for sale in our store.

Welcome to the resource center for the JTAG-USB Full Speed!

Here you will find all the reference materials that Digilent has created for this board, as well as links to any external content we have tracked down. Since this product is retired, documentation and support may be limited.

The JTAG-USB Full Speed allows you to use your PC to connect to a JTAG scan chain or to access an SPI interface on a board equipped with the appropriate 6-pin header. In this way, you can program devices on Digilent programmable logic boards using the free Digilent Adept software. You can also program AVR microcontrollers on Digilent embedded control boards using the Digilent AVR programmer application.


  • Schematic – Schematic is currently unavailable, please see the reference manual for product detail
  • Reference ManualPDF
    • Technical description of the JTAG-USB Full Speed and all of its features.
  • Sell SheetPDF