Digilent Forum Guidelines


Welcome to the Digilent Forum!

We are a community of engineers, students, professors, and hobbyists. We encourage everyone to post questions about Digilent hardware and software on our Forum and will do our best to respond within one business day. Posting on the forum helps ensure that everybody who has the same question can benefit from the answer. Please adhere to the following rules and guidelines when posting on the Digilent forum.


1. No spam posts.

2. No profanity.

3. No insulting other users.


1. Search the Forum to see if your question has already been asked and be aware that the result you're looking for might not come up on the first try. Searching on a web browser with the style of “site:forum.digilent.com <keywords related to your situation>” may also help in terms of finding older threads.

2. When asking a question, please post a detailed description of what you are encountering. What are you attempting to do? What product and revision number of the product do you have? If you are getting an error, what is the error code and error message and at what point do you receive this message? What version of the software are you using and what OS do you have? What sort of troubleshooting steps have you taken so we don't recommend something that you have already tried? A screenshot of the issue or picture of your setup can also be helpful.

3. Ask technical questions about your project or product in the “Digilent Technical Forums” section. This section is actively monitored by Digilent engineers.

4. When responding to other users, do not represent yourself as Digilent staff.


1. Wait a reasonable amount of time for your question to be responded to. Your question might be more difficult or there may be a time zone difference so the engineers may be out for the night.

2. Don't be upset that you didn't get the answer you wanted. The reality of engineering is that there is not a ready-made solution to everything; you might need to 'engineer' the solution yourself.

3. Keep each thread focused for legibility and easy reading in the future; answer the question at hand.

4. Constructive feedback on the Forum policies and resources is welcomed on the “Suggestions & Feedback” subforum. Additionally, a subforum section named “Technical Based Off-Topic Discussions” is reserved for conversations regarding differences best practices, recommended hardware, and open vs closed source solutions, and other controversial topics.

5. If you have a completed project or tutorial you want to share, a subforums titled “Project Vault” and “Tutorials” are available in the General Discussion section. Projects can also be shared on https://www.hackster.io/digilent for a wider audience and better hosting experience.

6. Do not expect that the Digilent staff will create and complete a project for you that meet your expectations and requirements. We may be able to provide some advice and feedback for you, but as mentioned previously, there is not a ready-made solution to everything.

FAQ and Other Notes

How long do I have to wait for the email to register my account?
Account registration emails should arrive within a few minutes. If you have not received the email (potentially within your junk folder) within 15 minutes, please contact Digilent, Contact Us Page, for additional assistance.
How do I know which subforum or thread to put my question in?
If you can find a thread that definitely addresses your exact topic, feel free to add it on to there. Otherwise, just post a new question in the relevant section of the Forum. If the post is in the wrong place, a Digilent staff member will likely move the thread or post to a more appropriate location.
I have / found an answer that might be from ChatGPT (or other LLM). What should I do?
If you are the one thinking of posting the answer, we ask that you reconsider. Digilent currently finds that answers sourced from large language models, such as ChatGPT, are usually insufficient or inaccurate to be viable as legitimate responses at this point in time. If an account is determined by Digilent staff to be posting responses from a LLM that are unhelpful, that account will either be restricted from posting or banned depending on the content and if any of the Rules were broken. If you are a human that feels that they have been incorrectly flagged as a robot, please contact Digilent, Contact Us Page, for further assistance.

We find these general recommendations regarding language models to be particularly useful:

  • Be aware of the limitations of generative AI tools. These tools are not perfect, and they can sometimes produce inaccurate or misleading content. Therefore, any content generated must be reviewed prior to publication.
  • Pay attention to ethical issues: Do not use generative AI tools to create content that is false, misleading, defamatory, discriminatory, or offensive.
  • Don’t use generative AI tools for automated decision making which could affect any other person.
The Forum says my attachment is too large. What should I do?
Users can upload material up to 10 MB (10000 kB) in size with a total storage limit of 50 MB. If you want to upload additional material, Digilent recommends hosting it on an external site and then linking to that location.
I wish to delete an individual post that I made, how can I delete it?
Digilent currently does not let users delete their own posts on the basis that if you had a question then other users will also have that question and can benefit from the answer. If the post was accidentally submitted (perhaps because you posted a duplicate post by mistake) you can hide your post with appropriate reasoning and Digilent staff can delete it for you. Or you can publicly or privately ask a Digilent staff member to delete one of your posts.
How can I delete my account?
To remove your account entirely or change all of your posts to have been made by an anonymous, faceless “Guest”, the Digilent Discussion Forum section of Digilent's Legal and Privacy document provides more information on how you can request this: https://digilent.com/shop/legal-privacy/.