Digilent Forum Guidelines


Welcome to the Digilent Forum!

We are a community of engineers, students, professors and hobbyists. We encourage everyone to post questions about Digilent hardware and software on our Forum and will do our best to respond within one business day. Posting on the forum helps ensure that everybody who has the same question can benefit from the answer. Please adhere to the following rules and guidelines when posting on the Digilent forum.


1. No spam posts.

2. No profanity.

3. No insulting other users.


1. Search the Forum to see if your question has already been asked and be aware that the result you're looking for might not come up on the first try.

2. When asking a question, please post a detailed description of what you are encountering. What are you attempting to do? What product and revision number of the product do you have? If you are getting an error, what is the error code and error message and at what point do you receive this message? What version of the software are you using and what OS do you have? What sort of troubleshooting steps have you taken so we don't recommend something that you have already tried?

3. Ask technical questions about your project or product in the “Digilent Technical Forums” section. This section is actively monitored by Digilent engineers.


1. Wait a reasonable amount of time for your question to be responded to. Your question might be more difficult or there may be a time zone difference so the engineers may be out for the weekend.

2. Don't be upset that you didn't get the answer you wanted. The reality of engineering is that there is not a ready-made solution to everything; you might need to 'engineer' the solution yourself.

3. Keep each thread focused for legibility and easy reading in the future; answer the question at hand.

4. Constructive feedback on the Forum policies and resources is welcomed on the “Suggestions & Feedback” subforum. Additionally, a subforum section named “Technical Based Off-Topic Discussions” is reserved for conversations regarding differences best practices, hardware specifications, and open vs closed source solutions, and other controversial topics.

5. If you have a completed project or tutorial you want to share, a subforums titled “Project Vault” and “Tutorials” are available in the General Discussion section. Projects can also be shared on projects.digilentinc.com for a wider audience and better hosting experience.

6. Do not expect that the Digilent staff will create and complete a project for you that meet your expectations and requirements. We may be able to provide some advice and feedback for you, but as mentioned previously, there is not a ready-made solution to everything.