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Using a Digilent Board for the First Time

Congratulations on purchasing a Digilent board!

The goal of this document is to provide a first touch guide to ensure a smooth transition from receiving to powering on and using the board.

Each Digilent board communicates and receives new designs from a host computer through a USB port that is on the edge of the board, typically near an external power connector. The vast majority of Digilent boards (with the exception of a few of our older boards made before 2014) use a micro B USB connector as the port to connect to the host computer.

What this means for the end user is that the cables can only be plugged in one way for the board to successfully work. The key is to make sure that the small nubs on the USB cable (example reference cable from the Digilent store) are facing upwards towards the ceiling when the cable is connected.