DSDB Resource Center

Welcome to the resource center for the DSDB!

The Digital Systems Development Board (DSDB) was designed by Digilent for National Instruments. This means that some of the product support duties for it are handled directly by National Instruments. Digilent provides several materials here that document this board (such as the reference manual and schematic), but a more complete set of reference materials and instructions for using it can be obtained directly from National Instruments. Their support team is the best channel for answering questions regarding use. Digilent is also happy to provide help to the best of our ability on our Forum.

The following links should help guide you to the appropriate resources for the DSDB:

  • To purchase the DSDB, visit www.ni.com
  • For complete DSDB reference materials, visit here
  • For questions on the materials provided here or all other questions, reach out on the Digilent Forums


  • SchematicPDF
    • PDF Schematic of the PCB generated by Altium
  • Reference ManualWiki PDF
    • Technical description of the DSDB and all of its features. The Wiki may contain more up-to-date information than the PDF.

Design Resources

  • Master XDCDownload
    • This package contains the master XDC that defines the pin constraints for every device on the DSDB
  • Zynq Preset FileDownload
    • This file can be imported into the Processing System IP Block to configure it to work with the memory and peripherals found on the DSDB