Digilent Embedded linux

Deprecation Notice:

The solution described here is no longer supported and the documents linked here may no longer be accurate. This page only exists for historical record, and it is not recommended for anyone to use the materials hosted here.

Digilent Embedded Linux is an easy to use embedded Linux solution for Digilent FPGA and Zynq-7000 based system boards. The kernel source code is maintained as a GitHub repository, available here:


This source repository is a descendant of the Xilinx Linux Kernel, which includes support and drivers for many different Xilinx products. We expand on Xilinx's solution by adding direct support for our system boards, Pmods, and add-on boards. At the same time, we continue to stay up to date with our parent repository, frequently incorporating new features and other improvements from upstream.

For instructions on building the kernel source, refer to the Getting Started with Embedded Linux guide for your platform.

For an up to date list of supported platforms and devices, see https://github.com/Digilent/linux-digilent/wiki/Linux-Developer%27s-Wiki. This is a continually developing project, so check here often for updates. You will also find patch submission guidelines here for those who are interested in contributing code.

  • Complete Linux solution targeted to run on Digilent system boards
  • Includes device drivers for Digilent's Pmods™ and add-on boards
  • Support for BusyBox and Linaro Ubuntu systems
  • Step-by-Step documentation for getting started on your particular board


  • Embedded Linux Development Guide – PDF
  • Getting Started with Embedded Linux - ZedBoard™ – PDF
  • Pre-built BusyBox-based ramdisk for Zynq-7000 AP SoC systems – Download
  • Embedded Linux Hands-on Tutorial - ZedBoard – ZIP