USB-2408 Series Product specific Examples for UL, VBNET

This file contains VB.NET examples demonstrating:
Analog In using a button click (AIn and VIn),
Analog In using a timer, data displayed to an analog meter,
Analog In using a timer, data displayed to a stripchart,
Temperature In using a timer, data displayed to a thermometer,
Analog In Scan in Foreground, data displayed on a Graph,
Analog In Scan, Background + Continuous, data displayed on a graph,
Analog Out single point, updated on a button click,
Analog Out Scan, using a waveform generator function, one period or streaming,
Digital In per Port,
Digital In per Bit,
Digital Out per Port,
Digital Out per Bit.

Included in the download is a DLL containing the graphics used above (Thermometer, Analog Meter, Stripchart, Oscilloscope (graph), and Function Generator)

Installation Instructions
Just download, unzip using the built-in Windows tool to use these examples.

Systen Requirements
List the minimum system requirements in order to use this download.

*Windows XP, or newer

*Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Basic 2008