chipKIT Wi-FIRE Resource Center

Welcome to the resource center for the chipKIT Wi-FIRE! Revision B

As of September 14th 2015, we have replaced this Revision with Revision C. Please check the version of your board.

You can find the revision of your board by looking on the underside, near the white bar-coded box.

  • We are currently on Revision C of the WF32.
  • Revision B, for this resource center, was the first revision available for sale.
  • Revision C updated the silicon (previously Pre-Production) to Production Silicon.

Building on the previous successes with the chipKIT™ WF32, the Wi-FIRE uses the same, 43 available I/O Pins, 12 Analog Inputs, 3.3 Operating voltage, 4 User LEDs, potentiometer, buttons, uses MRF24 on-board wireless module, micro SD Card, dedicated SPI Signals and high efficiency switching 3.3V switching power supply for low-power operation.

The Wi-FIRE is significantly faster than its WF32 counterpart, with 200MHz operation speed, 2MB of Flash, 512kB RAM, High Speed USB and a 50MHz SPI. The PIC32MZ core includes the MIPS MicroAptiv CPU Core from Imagination Technologies. microAptiv is a highly efficient, compact, core that is optimized for cloud-connected based projects, using Imagination Technologies’ FlowCloud software.


  • SchematicPDF of Wi-FIRE REV.B
  • Reference Manual REV.BWiki Page PDF
    • Technical description of the chipKIT Wi-FIRE and all of its features. The Wiki may contain more up-to-date information than the PDF.
  • DatasheetPDF

Downloads for Rev B.

  • Download Open Source EAGLE Project for the chipKIT WiFire. Created in Eagle v6.5
  • Download chipKIT Bootloader image loaded into the WiFire PIC32 microcontroller at the factory
  • Download This zip file contains the Digilent embedded open-source network stack (DEIPcK). Comes with examples including an HTTP server.
  • Download Errata for the WiFire's PIC32MZ2048ECG silicon.