chipKIT Pmod Shield-Uno


The chipKIT Pmod Shield-Uno is retired and is no longer for sale in our store.

Welcome to the resource center for the chipKIT Pmod Shield-Uno™!

Here you will find all the reference materials that Digilent has created for this shield, as well as links to any external content we have tracked down.

The chipKIT Pmod Shield-Uno is an input/output expansion board for use with the chipKIT Uno32™. It provides the additional circuitry and connectors to allow Digilent peripheral modules (Pmods™) to be used with the Uno32.

The Pmod Shield-Uno has five 2×6 Digilent Pmod connectors. It also provides access to the I/O connectors available on the Uno32 as well as connecting to the I2C bus supported by the Uno32.

The Pmod Shield-Uno has the same form factor as the Uno32 board.


  • SchematicPDF
  • Reference ManualWiki PDF
    • Technical description of the chipKIT Pmod Shield and all of its features. The Wiki may contain more up-to-date information than the PDF.
  • Sell SheetPDF


  • Download This zip file contains board variant files to add MPIDE support for the chipKIT Uno32 + Pmod Shield-Uno.