Cerebot II Resource Center


The Cerebot II is retired and no longer for sale in our store.

Welcome to the resource center for the Cerebot II!

Here you will find all the reference materials that Digilent has created for this board, as well as links to any external content we have tracked down. Since this product is retired, documentation and support may be limited.

The Cerebot II board is a useful tool for embedded control and robotics projects for both students and hobbyists.

Its versatile design and programmable microcontroller lets you access numerous peripheral devices and program the board for multiple uses. The board has many I/O connectors and power supply options and supports a number of programming options including the free Atmel AVR® Studio 4, and WinAVR.

The Cerebot II has a number of connections for peripheral devices. It provides eight connectors for attaching Digilent Pmod™ peripheral modules. Digilent peripheral modules include H-bridges, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, speaker amplifier, switches, buttons, LEDs, as well as converters for easy connection to RS232, screw terminals, BNC jacks, servo motors, and more.


  • SchematicPDF
  • Reference ManualPDF
    • Technical description of the Cerebot II and all of its features.
  • Sell Sheet – Sell Sheet is currently unavailable, please see the reference manual for product detail

Demonstration Projects

  • This document, along with the included source files, describe how to begin embedded development using AVR microcontrollers – zip file
  • Cerebot II clock source fix – PDF
  • A collection of AVR header files describing the pinouts for all Digilent AVR-based Cerebot boards – zip file
  • Example design for a Robotic Starter Kit used in conjunction with a Cerebot-II. This design will drive the RSK motors forward – zip file